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Fall 2017

Location: SAL 101

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Date Speaker Title
19 Sep 2017
Julian McAuley (UCSD)
Structured Output Models of Recommendations, Activities, and Behavior
19 Oct 2017
Phillip Isola (Berkeley)
Learning To See Without A Teacher
09 Nov 2017
Jimmy Ba (UToronto)
Progress and Challenges in Training Neural Networks
28 Nov 2017
Carl Vondrick (Columbia)
Predictive Vision
30 Jan 2018
David Sontag (MIT)
When Inference is Tractable
08 Feb 2018
Luke Zettlemoyer (UW)

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Spring 2017

Date Speaker Title
02 Feb 2017
Finale Doshi-Velez (Harvard)
Characterizing and Conquering Non-Identifiability in Non-negative Matrix Factorization
17 Mar 2017 Location: RTH 526
Anshumali Shrivastava (Rice)
Probabilistic Hashing for Scalable, Sustainable and Secure Machine Learning
27 Apr 2017
Matus Telgarsky (UIUC)
Representation power of neural networks

Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title
27 Sep 2016
Le Song (Gatech)
Discriminative Embedding of Latent Variable Models for Structured Data
06 Oct 2016
Rong Ge (Duke)
Avoid Spurious Local Optima: Homotopy Method for Tensor PCA
27 Oct 2016
Sewoong Oh (UIUC)
Fundamental Limits and Efficient Algorithms in Adaptive Crowdsourcing
08 Nov 2016 Location: RTH 526
Robert Nowak (UW–Madison)
Learning Human Preferences and Perceptions From Data
14 Nov 2016 Location: SGM 123
Hal Daumé III (UMD)
Learning Language through Interaction
17 Nov 2016
Arindam Banerjee (UMN)
Learning with Low Samples in High-Dimensions: Estimators, Geometry,and Applications
29 Nov 2016
Richard Samworth (U. Cambridge)
High-dimensional changepoint estimation via sparse projection

Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title
19 Jan 2016
Jure Leskovec (Stanford)
Machine Learning for Human Decision Making
26 Jan 2016
Christopher Ré (Stanford)
DeepDive: A Dark Data System
02 May 2016 Location:
SAL 213

James Foulds (UCSD)
Latent Topic Networks: A Versatile Probabilistic Programming Framework for Topic Models
06 May 2016 Location: RTH 526
John Lafferty (University of Chicago)
Statistical Learning Under Communication and Shape Constraints

Fall 2015

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Date Speaker Title
15 Oct 2015
Xifeng Yan (UCSB)
Graph Analysis and Search in Networks
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22 Oct 2015
Lihong Li (MSR)
Taming the Monster: Provably Efficient Algorithms for Contextual Bandits with General Policy Classes
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27 Oct 2015
Yisong Yue (Caltech)
A Decision Tree Framework for Data-Driven Speech Animation
29 Oct 2015
Nina Balcan (CMU)
Learning Submodular Functions
03 Nov 2015
Geoffrey Zweig (MSR)
High Performance Image Captioning
19 Nov 2015
Heng-Tze Cheng (Google Research)
Sibyl: Google-Scale Machine Learning
03 Dec 2015
Kyunghyun Cho (NYU)
Neural machine translation -- Progress Report